Chisenhale Primary School, a MakeBelieve Arts Helicopter Stories Centre of Excellence Certified Training Centre

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Helicopter Stories: Letting Imagination Fly is based on the Storytelling and Story Acting curriculum of Vivian Gussin Paley, Patron to MakeBelieve Arts.

MakeBelieve Arts has been pioneering this work in the UK since 2002.


In its simplest form children tell their stories which are written down verbatim, word for word. The group then gathers around a taped out stage and the stories are acted out.


Alongside the simplicity of this approach is an ethos that is child-centred, creating a culture of curiosity and wonder at the dexterity of children’s imaginings during both the telling and the acting out of their stories.


  • It develops confidence, curiosity, concentration and communication skills in all children regardless of ability.


  • Increases turn taking, attention span, speaking and listening skills and awareness of written language.


  • Demonstrates spectacular and measurable gains in spoken narrative and language development skills and can strongly support  pupils with SEN or EAL.


  • Provides practitioners with evidence of children’s progress in language and communication.


The cost of the training is £115 which includes a copy of Trisha Lee’s much acclaimed book ‘Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories’, as well as refreshments.

The course is from 10am to 3pm and will include the four stages of the approach:

Introducing story acting into the classroom

How to scribe stories around the stage

How to encourage and take private storiesCarrying out story acting on a regular basis

and take part in a practical session to try out what you have learned


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