Chisenhale Lunches

Children can choose to have a delicious, healthy, hot lunch, cooked on the premises by our experienced kitchen team, or bring a packed lunch from home. The menu is on a three week rotation and always includes a vegetarian option. All food prepared in school is halal, including all meat dishes. Milk, bread and yoghurt are organic and any eggs used are free-range. Where possible, vegetables are fresh and seasonal. The school has a healthy eating policy and packed lunches must keep to this policy; this means no crisps, fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets.

At present, all children from Reception to Year 6 are entitled to free school meals, funded by the national and local governments. Nursery children must pay for their dinners and parents can pay on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at the office window. Pupils can also pay lunch money to their class teacher at registration time. School lunches must be paid for before they are eaten. Families receiving certain benefits or living on a low income may be entitled to free meals for nursery children too. Please ask in the office for a pupil premium form or for more details.

School lunches cost £2.30 each day and £11.50 for the week.

It is now possible to pay for lunches, trips and events online or with a debit/credit card.  Please ask in the school office for more information.

Nigel Williams – Tower Hamlets Staff Recognition Scheme
Certificate of Award Winner: for going the extra mile

We were thrilled that Nigel’s work here at Chisenhale has been more widely recognised. This week he was asked to go to the council offices to meet the Corporate Director of Education, Social Care and Wellbeing Robert McCulloch-Graham and to receive his award. We wrote in to tell them our thoughts about Nigel:

“Nigel is very sweet and funny and makes very delicious dinners” – Najjiina Y5

“Nigel’s Christmas dinners and his desserts are the best and he is very kind” – Jessica Y5

“It is lovely that he cooks for the whole school, the dinners are scrumptious” – Paul Y4

“Nigel is really friendly and his meals are very nice, especially meatballs, flapjacks and cookies. Everybody always wants seconds!” – Cameron Y6

“Nigel is lovely with the children. He knows everyone’s name and always makes time for a little chat with them” Cathy, senior mid-day meal supervisor.

“Nigel is far more than just our school cook. He keeps the welfare of the children at the front of his mind at all times and is always willing to go the extra mile to make school more fun and interesting for them” Lesley, HLTA

“Nigel is a legend. He knows every child who has ever been to Chisenhale by name and is the hub of our school” Ruth , parent engagement officer


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