We also work in positive partnerships with the range of people and organisations that form part of the school community, including children, parents, staff, governors, local churches and business and voluntary organisations, as well as with the Chisenhale art and dance spaces across the road from us. We are also fortunate to be supported by a range of partners including:

  • Chisenhale Parent Teacher Association (CPTA), who work tirelessly every year to organise a number of events, which not only raise money for the school but also provide a number of social highlights for families and children (see Parent Information for more details)
  • Unilever, in collaboration with other local schools. They are funding us, through Oxfam UK, to run a range of courses for parents. These include parenting courses  and cookery.
  • Worshipful Company of Weavers, a City Livery company, who have recently given us money for a new library,  revamped early years garden​, towards the climbing frame and paid for Motivate to Educate.
  • Worshipful Company of Bakers plays an active role in the continuing development of the baking industry and allied trades nationally and internationally through training, scholarships and as an authoritative and independent voice in food manufacture and retailing. The Company maintains a significant programme of charitable support
  • Barclays Bank, who have provided volunteers for events, including working on the school garden
  • Worshipful Company of Musicians, who provide live professional musicians who come and play for the children each term
  • Parmiter's Bethnal Green educational fund, who buy the children books each year
  • Technology Will Save Us, who began as a small, local company. We worked with them on some pilot work, which has now become used much more widely. We have done different projects with them, which are not only exciting for the children, but also have a strong message about the positive benefits of using technology to solve some of the world’s problems! There are photos of us making plant watering devices on their website. Please click here for further information.
  • Now Press Play. We have been piloting some of their work and have been one of the first schools to use their services. Staff from Chisenhale have given feedback to help improve the services and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this creative learning support to children. Visit our link under the UpperKeystage 2 tab.
  • Into University, http://www.intouniversity.org/ a local organisation aiming to raise aspirations amongst children, particularly those facing disadvantage.
  • Capital Growth http://www.capitalgrowth.org and School Food Matters http://www.schoolfoodmatters.com/ Both these organisations support our work on the Edible Playground. We are featured on both websites!
  • Chisenhale Art Gallery  - Chisenhale Primary School have worked along side the gallery for many years attending the events and exhibitions.

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