The aim of the school council is to give children a voice in the school. Having a school council makes it clear to children that their opinions are valued and listened to. We are working towards becoming a Rights Respecting School and one of the important rights is for children’s voices to be heard. The school council helps the Headteacher and the governors to make sure that we are helping children to become

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens

School council meets weekly with the Headteacher. There are 2 representatives for each home class from Y1 to Y6. At the beginning of the year anyone who wants to be a school council rep has to write a manifesto and then each home class votes for their representatives. The manifesto asks children to explain what ideas they have for making the school a better place and also what skills and experiences they will bring with them. Each school council then votes for a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who are the officers for the year.

Governors are invited to come to school council meetings and the Headteacher feeds back to the governors any issues that come up from the children. For example, the children said there weren't enough opportunities to get a drink. The governors decided that they should listen to the children and bought a water bottle for every child in school.

In previous years school councils have done a number of different things including

  • Raising money for a range of charities, including Sport Relief, Comic Relief, British Legion through the poppy appeal, the Philippines Disaster Appeal and BBC Children in Need.
  • Worked with architects to design the Chisenhill playground equipment
  • Helped to design the school library, with the help of a parent volunteer
  • Written the information booklet for parents about the school
  • Sent out a survey to all the children about what they like and what they want changed
  • Put a suggestion box in the library for any children to put in things that they would like the School Council to discuss.

We look forward to lots more exciting ideas from the elected representatives this year!

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