Roxy Bulger represents the Schools Counselling Partnership at Chisenhale and is the Therapeutic Lead in School - to find out more about the organisation please go to

Roxy will be working with Chisenhale Primary School to provide an integrated service that aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of children, parents/carers and staff by working with the whole school community. From time to time we can all do with someone to talk to, in a confidential space, about worries that we have concerning our children or that are affecting our families or placing a burden upon us. We all do much better when we feel that we have been listened to and heard. Our philosophy is “it is good to talk, it is ok not to be ok and it is good to ask for help”. The idea being that children learn from an early age that it is good to ask for help and good to share a problem.

Part of the service is the provision of a lunch-time drop in called The Space, where any child can refer themselves if they need someone to talk to. They can attend alone or bring a friend (or three) along. Please let us know if you do not want your child to attend The Space.

For parents there will also be a drop in, on Tuesday mornings from 9-10.00 (unless we are running a coffee morning or workshop or parenting course)

If you would like arrange to have a chat with me or have any questions please give me a call on 07730 416019 or email 

Below are a list of links that you might find useful:

Young Minds

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services


MIND in Tower Hamlets and Newham

Children and Adults Mental Health Project (CHAMP)

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) – who now take self referrals


Children’s Centres

Leisure Centres (Because our minds and bodies are interlinked)


Well being - Special Time with Your Children

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