Chisenhale School Governing Body

School governors act as ‘critical friends’ to the school. This means they work with the staff and local authority to support the school. They help to set strategic aims and achievement targets for the school, monitor procedures and budgets and contribute to the drafting of policies. They are unpaid volunteers and at Chisenhale we are lucky to have a very committed governing body with a wide range of skills and experience.

There are 14 school governors at Chisenhale, four are elected parent governors, seven are co-opted community governors, chosen by the governing body, and one is a local authority governor, appointed by Tower Hamlets. The Headteacher is a staff governor andone other staff governor is elected by the teachers and support staff.

How do governors carry out their job?

At Chisenhale the governors meet once a term for a full governors’ meeting and twice a term for committee meetings. The Chair of Governors meets more frequently with the Headteacher to discuss matters as they arise. Much of the governors’ work is done at committee level and at Chisenhale we have three main committees. The Resources Committee deals with finance and staffing, the School Improvement Committee looks at learning and teaching, standards and the curriculum and the Building Links Committee concentrates on issues concerning the maintenance and improvement of the school building, and relations with parents and the wider community.

Who are the governors at Chisenhale?

The Chair and Vice Chair of governors and the Chairs of committees are elected annually by the governors. Currently the Chair is Neil Cunningham and the Vice Chair is Father Brian Ralph.

Being a Governor is a challenging but rewarding experience. If you are interested in becoming a governor please speak to one of the parent governors, the Headteacher or to Ruth Crossan, our parent engagement officer.

Be a governor

Pleae click here for information about being a governor and the national Goverance Association

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