Gemma is usually in the playground at the start and end of the day and you can always go into the office to book a meeting if you need to speak to her.


Members of staff will be in the school playground to pass on any messages to your child’s class teacher in the mornings. If you want to arrange an appointment to see a member of staff, please go to the school office, or speak to them in the playground at the end of the day.

At the end of the school day

Your child’s teacher and teaching assistant, as well as other members of staff, will be in the playground at the end of each day to talk to you about your child, or any other aspects of school life, or to arrange an appointment.

Parents’ Meetings

We have Parents’ Meetings twice a year, where all parents and carers are encouraged to come in and talk to their child’s class teacher, as well as looking at their work. Details of how to book an appointment come out in Chisenhale Chatter, our weekly newsletter, and everyone is encouraged to come along. We offer appointments until 7pm on one of the evenings, to cater for working parents.

Parent Workshops

Different members of staff run workshops for parents, usually on Friday mornings 9-10am. The details are in the weekly Chisenhale Chatter newsletter.

Trips and Events

Trips and events are also chances to meet and work alongside the staff in different ways – dressed as Santa’s Elves at the Winter Fair, painting faces at the Summer Fete or walking around Mile End Park looking for bugs!!