Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                                  Wednesday 5th January 2022

After-school clubs will start again next week, on the 10th of January. The clubs will remain the same as last term but this time we are asking you to sign up for the whole of Spring term. There will be 5 sessions in each half-term – please see the table below for dates – so that will be a total of 10 sessions.

Our clubs were really over-subscribed last term and lots of children did not get the chance to join a club they would have liked to try out. To make things as fair as possible, we will give priority to those children who weren’t able to join a club last term. We will also try to make sure that everyone who wants to, has the chance to do at least one club so if you are applying for several clubs please let us know which one you would like to do the most.  We will also ensure we don’t go over the maximum number for each club as this ensures that children get the best possible experience.

We realise that no system can be perfectly fair but please bear with us as we try to make sure that all those who want to try a club can do so. We will number the forms as they come in to try to make sure that remaining places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Clubs cost £40 for the term (£4 a session) except for coding and family gardening, which are free. Pupils who are eligible for pupil premium funding (previously free school meals) and have returned the pupil premium form to the office do not have to pay for any after-school clubs except Nightowls.  If you are not sure if your child is entitled to a free club ask Ruth or the office to check this for you.

We will allocate places in the clubs in the next few days and will email you on Friday afternoon to let you know if your child has a place and we ask for fees to be paid then, preferably by parentpay, otherwise by card in the office. You can also pay with childcare vouchers. If fees are due, and have not been paid by the end of next week, your child’s place will be offered to another child. Children enrolled at Night Owls will also have to pay for clubs, unless there are spare spaces and they are invited to join.

 Please make sure that you are able to collect your child from the gate on Chisenhale Road promptly at 4.30 after clubs – children remaining uncollected will be taken to Night Owls, for which there is a charge.

Please fill in the form and return to the school office or Ruth as soon as possible.



Dates: weekly from 10/01  until 07/02 inclusive and from 21/02 until 21/03


Dates: weekly from 11/01 - 08/02 inclusive and from 22/02 until 22/03


Dates: weekly from 13/01 until 10/02  inclusive and from 24/02 until 24/03



Dates: weekly


Years 1, 2 & 3

20 children max



Years 4, 5 & 6

20 children max

Computer Coding


Years 4, 5 & 6

20 children max


Family Gardening

Parents must attend with their children

FREE – no need to enrol



Years 4, 5 & 6

20 children max


Years 1, 2, & 3

20 children max





























Please return to Ruth or the office as soon as possible


I give permission for my child __________________________________

in class _________________    to attend the following clubs

Spring Term 2 2020

  • Football yrs 1 & 2  cost £15
  • Gymnastics yrs 3-6 cost £15
  • Judo yrs 1-4 cost £15
  • Football yrs 3-6 cost £15
  • Multisports yrs 1-4 cost £15
  • Computer coding yrs 4, 5 & 6 FREE
  • Arts and crafts yrs 1-6 cost £15
  • Cooking yrs 1-6 cost £15 – this club has been filled from waiting list – please return this form to be added to the list for next half term if your child would like a place and has not taken part in this club this academic year.


o  I will collect my child at 4.30.

o  They will go to Night Owls Playcentre after the club

o  I enclose a cheque for the sum of ……………..

o  I will pay any fees due to the office in a sealed envelope clearly marked with my child’s name, class and the club they wish to attend.

o  I have paid any fees due online or by card in the office


_________________________________Parent/Carer signature   


Mobile or contact number ____________________________________


Please let us know here if your child has a medical condition the club organiser should be aware of, eg. asthma or allergies