Golden Clubs: Enrichment and Achievement

Chisenhale began a programme of Enrichment and Achievement two years ago, and it has proved both popular and successful. The programme is designed to make sure children take part in a broad and exciting range of learning experiences, taught by staff who are truly passionate about their subjects. Staff offer half term (usually 6 weeks) courses in an area of their choice. Courses are taught on Friday afternoons in mixed year groups - Yrs 1, 2 and 3 together and Yrs 4,5 and 6 together.

Some examples of enrichment Golden Clubs

Multi-Sports Each week there will be different sports to learn and play
Henna design This is a chance to learn the skills of henna, to produce them on book covers and pictures – and on hands later on.
Hula Hoop Get fit and learn to hula hoop – it’s great fun and a good way to impress your friends!
Gardening Come and help out in the award-winning garden, with a chance to grow lots of fruit and vegetables
Card making To make different types of cards, celebrating different occasions and using different techniques
Cooking Try out different cooking techniques and make some food to take home and share with your family
Drama Come and  be dramatic!
French A chance to learn a new language – with lots of songs and games
Brain Busters Philosophy for children: Stretch your brain with tricky riddles, philosophical questions and fun puzzles
Sports Leaders Children will undertake a course to learn the skills to  deliver and organise small sports activities for children
Mask Making Elaborate mask making influenced by different cultures and countries around the world
Park Life Each week a trip to the park to do a range of different nature based activities including wildlife spotting, cycling, helping the park rangers, in Victoria and Mile End Parks.
Game making Programming 3D games using Kodu

....and so much more!