We will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 3rd March 2023!

All children are invited to dress up as a book character of their choice on this day. We will be celebrating their outfits in a whole school parade at the start of the school day.

During the day, the classes will have a range of exciting activities linked to developing the children’s love of reading, and to the World Book Day message ‘You are a reader!’ .

Every child will be given a World Book Day token which can be exchanged for one of the £1 World Book Day books. These are available at supermarkets and book shops.

We will have a special Chatter to share some of the ways the children enjoyed this day on Friday 10th March 2023.

Save the date - World Book Day | World Book Day is a registered charity.  Our mission is to give every child and young person a book of their own. share tweet