A huge thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far! We are still short on volunteers to make the event, any time you can give would be appreciated. 

Specifically, we still need help with: 

  • we need people on Thursday 5th December for samosa filling making in the schoolhouse as well as people to help us make the samosas and Christmas wreaths on Friday the 6th, from 9.00am. 
  • we need someone to run the games stall. Ruth can advise on what's needed, a small amount of prep beforehand, but it's a great fun one.
  • parents to help set up and run stalls, or just volunteer for 30 mins.  (Preferably parents of older children who won’t need to look after little ones).
  • someone to run an Xmas decorations and garden stall
  • help with selling raffle tickets at drop off and pick up for the week leading up to the fair.

Please email Ruth on if you are able to help.  Looking forward to hearing from some of you soon!