KS1 Parents Evening:

Tuesday 17 March 3:40pm - 6:50pm

Thursday 19 March 3:40pm - 4:50pm

Please see the class teachers in the playground for an appointment or call the school office to make an appointment.

KS1 Creative Curriculum

Our trip to the Soanes Centre on Friday 6th September focused on discovering the animals and plants that reside within the park and their different habitats. This linked to our Geography topic, in which we compared an area of the UK to an area in a non-European country.



KS1 Visited the Science Museum as part of their History Project.  'The First Moon Landing'



KS1 had a wonderful time on Family Day! We welcomed our families into our class rooms and explored some of our rights. We sorted out some rubbish and recycling, played games, drew pictures of ourselves, expressed ourselves with crazy pictures and even did some cutting and sticking to make a lovely, healthy lunch box. It was so nice to talk to our families about these rights and relax with our friends as well. 


All of Key Stage 1 are learning about the Pirates  from fiction's Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook to the infamous true-life tales of Blackbeard and Captain Henry Morgan.  We are therefore went to the  Maritime Museum to explore gripping world of pirates and their part in history.



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